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  • 1 zone: 1 dmx in/5 dmx out + 1 through
  • 2 zones: 2 dmx in/2x2 dmx out + 1 through
  • bidirectional
  • 1 zone: 6 dmx in/out + 1 through
  • 2 zones: 2x3 dmx in/out + 1 through
  • mixed
  • 2 zones: 1 dmx in/2dmx out simplex + 1 through
  • electronic controls: digital IN and OUT dmx 512 or dmx 512 A
  • 120 ohm line termination
  • replaceable line drivers
  • electrical features: mains supply 90/260V 50/60Hz AC, automated selection
  • XLR 5 male
  • XLR 5 female
  • mechanical characteristics: rack standard 19" size
  • weight: 2,5 Kg.
  • item code: 660 rack version
  • 661 truss version 


  • 24 fixtures, with maximum of 32 channels each +
  • dimmer (768 Total DMX channels)
  • Playback: 4 different sequences at the same time
  • Master fader to adjust general light intensity
  • Jog wheel for Pan/Tilt control to16 bit
  • 8 programmable custom buttons
  • 2 faders to adjust Speed and wait time from 0.3s to 5s
  • Sequence trigger option: internal clock, manual, audio
  • Pan/Tilt shape effects
  • Export, back up or import shows via USB to PC
  • Built-in Coemar fixture library ( other library can be uploaded via USB or build directly on the mixer

 Dr1+ is a device that allows to replicate on a PC screen all the Coemar fixtures’ displays. Dr1+ can be used to convert the DMX signal in Artnet and vice-versa, making it essential for a modern, efficient and effective full control of the light. Dr1+ technical featuresThe Dr1+, using DMX 512 signal and/or Artnet, can replicate the displays and identify automatically the type of Coemar fixtures present on the network, also allowing single or grouped settings of the device remoted. The Dr1+ is a tool that, other than giving possibility to DMX setting from remote, allows the user to process a complete network diagnostic and query the device on their operating status. The possibility to install software or updates simultaneously, and to read the fixtures’ internal sensor data, makes Dr1+ a must-have tool to reduce the maintenance timings and costs. The Dr1+ is also equipped with an Artnet/DMX converter and brings the possibility to visualize a digital display on the computer screen also for the binary dip-switch Coemar products. The Dr1+ uses 3 DMX wire for the data transmission (pins 1 to 3) and is totally transparent during the data bi-directional flow from an Artnet or DMX 512 controller. The full version software is included, while the hardware allows, using programs like Freestyler via USB, to transform the PC in a virtual dmx desk completely operative with Artnet/DMX output signals. The user-friendly online guide will help to solve every doubt about Dr1+ use. 

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