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kv2 audio

Designed by KV2's Chief Engineer, George 'Jiri' Krampera these DI solutions set a new standard in audio quality and value for money. Using high quality European transformers, fully sealed switches and the best available components the JK Series of DI solutions is suitable for recording and live applications.

In keeping with our focus on the highest possible sound quality we also manufacture a number of electronic processors that integrate into our or other systems to provide the best achievable signal path from source to speaker.

Utilising the same unique analog delay line used in our ESD range these stage monitors deliver incredible clarity and output for high quality stage monitoring applications.

Our ESD, passive range is the only one in the world with advanced on board analog processing for perfect time alignment and phase correction. With closely matched sensitivities and a extensive high quality x-over network, ESD cabinets are carefully voiced to provide a consistent response across the range ideal in installations using various models.

The New Ultimate Club System. Slim, discreetly profiled wall mount cabinet. Wide dispersion at high frequencies, controlled at low-mids to reduce indoor reflections. Full use of SLA Technology.r reflections. Full use of SLA Technology.

The pinnacle of design and performance in the KV2 range VHD provides greater high quality sound coverage per dollar than any other system on the market. With proprietary amps and a range of subs for various applications VHD sets a new standard in large format point source systems.

The ES range of speaker cabinets with its proprietary amplification via the EPACK/RACK delivers unmatched output and performance for its size. Easy to set up, transport or install, ES continues to astound and amaze listeners worldwide, a system that truly exceeds all expectations.

With onboard amplification and electronic processing the EX range delivers outstanding sound quality in a range of compact yet powerful speaker cabinets. Much more than just a speaker box with an amp attached these speaker feature perfectly matched electronics and transducers for optimum performance.


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