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Laser Control Software

The AKAI APC-40 midi controller is for professional live applications. It is easy and intuitive to handle and ideal for LJs and DJs - but even for beginners. The AKAI APC-40 has just to be connected to a computer, no drivers have to be installed. 

Enttec DMX USB interfaceThe Enttec DMX interface is reliable solution to trigger the QuickShow software remotely via DMX. It can also be used as normal DMX controller.

 Pangolin QuickShow Set This is a very well known and worldwide used professional live operation laser control software. Bundled with the FlashBack3 (FB3) interface, QuickShow is a professional solution for reliable live laser operation.The intuitive handling and the great number of features make QuickShow a good choice for advanced applications. 

 PHOENIX 4 Live SetPHOENIX4 LIVE - is the professional, easy-to-use software for ILDA capable Laser laser projectors in discos, clubs and events of any size.The user gets over 700 ready pre-programmed laser animations to perform directly and without prior knowledge an impressive live show. New effects can always be programmed by yourself and existing be edited. By the easily to perform optimization settings you get a superior output quality even on low-cost laser systems. All effects, runtext, SMS-4-laser and interactive manipulation capabilities can be controled in all axes of motion, via touch screen, by midi keyboard, AKAI APC40, PC keyboard, laser harp and / or controlled by external DMX controller.The LIVE-Set contains:    1x Phoenix4 LIVE-USB-Dongle (License-Dongle) with Phoenix lanyard keychain    1x MICRO-USB-Interface    1x 2m USB-Cable    1x Quick Start Guide    1x Program/Software-CD

PHOENIX Live + PRO+Take advantage of the upgrade to the Phoenix Pro+ version the following features:

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