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 The best bang for the buckThe DVC3 128 works with Daslight Virtual Controller 2 and 3 and the Virtual 3D software packages but is restricted to a maximum of 128 DMX output channels. This interface can be connected to a PC, or can control your lighting without a PC using the built in stand-alone memory.  

An easy to use and effective DMX512 controller.The perfect solution for any project requiring an easy to use, powerful controller with 1 DMX universe

Benefit from all of Daslight's features with the 2 Universe Gold

 The DVC3 Gold ZM has been designed for larger installations, clubs and applicationsWith the ability to output up to 3 DMX universes (1536 channels) and trigger up to 5 scenes simultaneously, this is one of the most powerful stand alone DMX units available on the market today.

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