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Quality innovation and versatility. This is a summary of the new system developed by LSS for professional sound users. Advanced solutions: self powered system with digital module DSP by POWERSOFT, extreme ruggedness, ease of transport and use of professional components. LT60 is a system that uses a sub woofer, 250mm (10 ") in reflex configuration with integrated digital module, the same has an active output that controls the satellite with 4 customizable presets on request. The sub woofer can be placed in two positions (vertical and horizontal), this gives a very versatile even in areas not easy. The satellite is configured as a mini line array with 4 mid-woofers 10cm (4 ") and 26mm (1") waveguide specifically designed for optimal coverage. Impact, natural sound and portability are the strengths of this system. Lt60 is provided with wiring kit, soft cases for the transportation and adjustable rod for ease quick coupling to the sub.